The 11’ and 12’6 Touring are designed to efficiently cut through the water for maximum glide. This makes them ideal for longer
distance trips as well as recreational racing. Both Touring models feature nose and tail carry handles, deck bungee storage area,
premium diamond groove deck pads and a universally compatible fin box with removable touring fin.
The 12’6 SUP AIR recently won Men’s Journal Magazine “Gear of the Year” award for its innovative features and performance!

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Irklentė 12'6 OXBOW Discover Air x 28"


749.95€ Be mokesčių: 619.79€

Award-Winning designs for longer distance cruising “A smooth, stable and fast ride” Men's Journal The 11’ and 12’6 Explore are designed to efficiently cut through the water for maximum glide. This makes them ideal for..

Irklentė SIC AIR-GLIDE RS 14.0 x 28


1,098.99€ Be mokesčių: 908.26€

   The RS Air-Glide series derives its shape and dimensions from the new RS composite boards and translates to the highest performance inflatables on the market. This means proven designs inspire the SIC’s Air-Glid..

Irklentė SIC AIR GLIDE BULLET 17'4 x 26.6


1,549.95€ Be mokesčių: 1,280.95€

Having said that, a 17.4 composite board takes up even more space. So for 2018 SIC will also be offering its iconic Bullet 17.4 in an Air-Glide construction. Now you can hop in a taxi and catch a ride, pump up your Bullet 17..

Irklentė SIC AIR GLIDE BULLET 14'0 x 28.5 FST2


1,199.00€ Be mokesčių: 990.91€

  "Bullet Air Glide" yra viena standžiausių ir saugiausių irklenčių rinkoje, atitinkanti daugelį naujų taisyklių, taikomų irklavimui atviroje jūroje. Šiose turistinėse ir plaukimo pavėjui lentose naudojama "Fusion Skin" ..

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